Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The fair ones have been watching
And they seem to have noticed
Water, or some such thing,
Overflowing our eyes.
And that it is very touching,
They don't realize.

They cannot understand
Very much about our world.
All the rules still stand,
But they don't fathom why;
And now a break is planned
Because at least they have to try.

Saturation level sound
Twists like ribbons to our bones
Till we have to spin around
Just to keep our feet
From scouring out the ground
To the flight and to the beat.

Upward, upward falling;
Music like a mother's voice
So ingrained in us, its calling,
There truly is no other choice.
And there is no use in stalling.
Now it is time to take wing.


  1. Mystic poetry - cool - welcome to Poets United.

  2. love your blog instantly,
    cool wing poem.

  3. It is indeed time to take a wing or two.. :)

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