Monday, October 25, 2010

The Beverage You Are About To Enjoy

No matter where
We go our shoulders go with us.
And burdens there
Can be read in any language, any eyes
Stare at the ground.
Hair hangs down. Laden sighs.

One hand reach up,
Holding a heavy coffee mug:
Glaze-smooth cup.
If light curls around the turn of its lip,
Maybe you will kiss the sun
With a sip.

Hopscotch on high
(Numbers of stars, squares of roots)
In the sky.
If you lose you fall and die
And oh, what a glorious way
To say

It matters not
When our shoulders follow us
To that certain spot.
It is where we learned to breathe;
And this is where we cry
And drink cold sunlight in our tea.


  1. The yoke that follows, I love it.

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