Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ghost Gem Green

Shake me to wake me when we get there.
I can find rest just about anywhere
And stay half conscious for hours that seem like whole nights.

My arms are tingling like a grave blew by close,
And pins and needles dance madly on my toes.
I wonder how many years since I've sat unbuckled.

Beethoven's sonatas. Is the radio dead?
Rocks in my stomach and air in my head.
I'll twirl through a dream until the fifth symphony plays.

There is no black darker than black night sky.
Green ghost gems float on the glass by my eye.
Upside down out the window the stars never waver.

I'm so comfortable now in my discomfort.
I don't want to move; I'll stay in my good shirt.
Don't want the road to end, but go on always, all ways.

I can hear you breathing. Your lungs are speaking.
Your soul is so peaceful your silence is leaking.
It's so still I think sound is impossible in real life.

The wheels make a plush sound, a hush sound.
They scrape and I blink and I feel them all rush 'round.
I thought I was flying, was sure I felt my arms rise

To a height of a foot or so above the seat.
My head's over the moonbow and so are my feet
Dancing on a star road. My concentration further frays.

I'm a train but I'm freightless
And I'm heavy and weightless
Until we stop and home startles me awake with a jolt.


  1. You speak in powerful verse. I liked it a lot. Glad I visited your blog

  2. magical, wheels, trains but feightles,...

    love the images in your words.
    divine flow.

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