Monday, October 11, 2010

I Can At Least Continue

Dylan walked on stars each night
And he wrote their names on his face.
Fire was his solid ground
And tears his outer space.

"Where are you hiding?" I called.
He answered with his longest laugh.
"I'm waiting for you in the cave
Where the stones are broken in half."

Footprints lead from the city.
Is it my Dylan I follow?
There's a place where the sun shoots through
Where water and wind formed a hollow.

Dylan told fables and truths
To honeybees, rainbows and birds
And they saw his eyes and hair,
If not the intent of his words.

Dylan has left the city;
He's left the hot glass for gray sand.
So I'll run till I catch up
And can catch hold of his hand.

Dylan never danced before.
The planet was never too hot;
But his soles can't stand this lamplight
When we pretend we are what we're not.

"What are you singing?" I asked.
"I am singing of braver days.
They happen in my head
When I drift into a daze.

"Sometimes I can catch a glimpse
In a handshake, a wink, a scream.
It's my dearest high ideal,
My heart's continuing theme."

Dylan walked on stars each night,
But now he has landed on Earth.
Their sparks would sting and kiss him;
On his eyes engrave their mirth.

Dylan walks the earth for now
And smokes his dreams in bed.
Magic falls behind him
And music streams ahead.

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