Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jude and Mary

Do you know the lyrics
To the song that's driving by?
I thought I caught a glimpse of them
In the recognition in your eye.

I don't need lyrics, sister.
They're just words and words make lies.
I caught a glimpse of something truer
Looking past the leather skies.

I think I heard the chorus;
It goes la-dee-da-dee-doo.
Stereo system was worthless...
But at least the car was blue.

I guess to you the music
Is static like a wasteland.
But how I see it: honey flowing,
Roses blooming, heartbeats hastened.

Sorry, I was dreaming.
What was it you just said?
Whatever we were talking about
Just went clean out of my head.

It wasn't that important.
I just wanted you to know
The way I see things different now
That I've found the right place to go.


  1. unique,
    you are independent, cool, and see beauty in your own way...

    lovely poetry.
    keep it coming.

    I invite you to attend Thursday Poets Rally week 31
    let me know when you are ready.
    Thanks a lot.

    two awards for this week’s participation.