Sunday, January 16, 2011

Salt In Our Storms

Your hair distantly-viewed rainclouds,
Ragged party streamers gray as somber
Party finery: a pin-stripe
Three-piece suit, top hat,
Static in a fall;
Hanging coal water in a wet dove sky.
Only the sky is a face and
You are outer space.
Is ether your blood or your empty skin?
Star corpses rankle;
Their ghosts comprise a lonesome light
Haunting an otherwise hazardous night.
You our Winter Florida.
Herons are weeping in their wedding gowns.
Skimming the ground like fighter jets,
They serve as cloud feathers, as screams.
Your plaintive swamps crawl on all fours
Your penitents sound at all hours,
Call out their own fame,
And fall with the rain.
Your clocks are floating face down in the waves
Washed up on the beach, dead and pale,
Timeless, clogged, black and loose seaweed swaddled,
Your brain water-logged,
Feet sucked deep under ocean floor.
Our Florida, our Winter Florida.
Blacker your heavens,
More ferocious the lightnings dance.


  1. lovely imaginations...
    Happy Sunday!
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  2. A very nice read indeed.. Thank you for sharing this.. :)

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  3. Happy Tuesday..

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  4. There are such glorious lines and images here : "Hanging coal water in a wet dove sky" - wow! - and "herons are weeping in their wedding gowns".......wonderful writing!

  5. This is quite a piece of writing indeed...I'm with can get swept away in the beauty of your lines.

    I read your deviantART piece...this is the comment I was going leave there...

    Philip K. Dick...that's that guy...Bladerunner was the movie that opened me up to sci-fi...that and Omni Magaizine...I always had a fascination about what the future world would be like...the technology, philosophy and of course life on other worlds...but chaos always seems to be a key factor in a large number of sci-fi equations...that's why I dig your full of imagery that takes the mind on a cosmic ride...(thanks for sharing your influences ツ)

  6. Greetings, Happy Sunday! Blessings…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
    Thanks for the support, You Rock!

  7. Your words are thick with image, very interesting reading!