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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dancing With The Blind

Never before on a bright day like this one,
Gray clouds melting like genteel witches
Before the immortal tide of the sun,
Before the cleansing blue light that
Justice sent blindly, with love;
Never before this day did we fall so far,
Or lose so much, as in these heartless times.
Our sins are carved into our vitals.
We cannot travel to the land
For which we have yearned blindly.
So say we fish, we insects of the planet,
Casting stones and sticks upon our waters
(Unimpressive streams and charmless ponds)
As we mark out a long rhythm...
Too long to last much longer.


  1. Wow, so much imagery, it has a gravity about it, the weight of our burdens on the land, The Earth and our souls~ Great Poem~

  2. ...As we mark out a long rhythm...
    Too long to last much longer

    ...those lines definitely sum up the space where my head has been over the past couple of always it's pleasure reading you...ONE::