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Friday, January 7, 2011


Open eyes and
Blank-paper mind.
See what is seen,
Even unkind.
Receive the message
Veiled from the blind.
Escape from fantasy.

Raw, it fizzes,
Effervesces shape,
Apsides reached: this is
Life, nude before you,
Immodest laughter
Tearing her skin,
Yearning after

All things that are,
That are just too far.

Present tense thoughts
Angles wither.
Come to the feast and
Eat nothing.

Interlocking themes.
Nubivagant soul.

Collect old dreams,
Arms never full;
Lakes of parity
Mete out their pull.


  1. Nice observations - and I like how you play with words - you got skills.

  2. Love the last two stanza's - nice writing...bkm

  3. Collect old dreams, Arms never full...such a wonderful woven poem~ Loved your imagery!

  4. Abigail,
    Very nice observational look at life, through your words.

    Best wishes, Eileen

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