Wednesday, July 14, 2010

l'orange âme

Anything goes and nothing clashes.
Behind the closed eyelashes
When all that's left are glances.
Orange, yellow, blue-green splashes
The color orange dances.

Flaring sparklers, flashing shields!
Blithe stars dance in orange fields,
Far and wide without a night,
They praise the trees for orange yields,
Quirking swirls around the site.

Birds like jewels. Stormy weather.
Light, lightning and rainbows together.
Fire roars orange. Tiger's eyes.
Orange wing of orange feather.
Tiger leaps and tiger flies.

Vivacity and brighter faces
Of humans quickening their paces;
Laughing as they travel up
Spiral DNA staircases.
Drink the beaches, pass the cup.

Hurry now before it's over
Like busy bees on rose and clover
Before reverting to what they are
Homebody, comfortable, not a rover.
Take up the pencil, put down that star.

Something stirs and flares awake.
Out of all the risks we take,
Unveiled retina crashes,
And out of all the dreams we make
Behind the closed eyelashes.

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