Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beyond Reach

My work is done. Now I must die.
It's the tragedy and it's the drama
That makes beauty melt like candle wax
Over a heart where it's vulnerable to heat.
It is lovely.

I want my life to be beautiful, but
I don't want my life to be a sad song,
Or conundrum, and end in unfurling defeat.
There are no thoughts to keep
My falsehood fresh.

There are no words to fill the crack
Between reality and wish.
I am speechless before my own sorrow
And weary of my eyes staring at me
From the mirror.

And I'm leery of leaving a comfort painted blue
And cold and hot at the same time.
And if there were a universe of perfection
Built with bricks fired in the heart of a sextillion
Beginning suns

It would be wrapped in a magenta smog
Stitched throughout with golden lightspeed
And breaths of green smoke like dragons;
The smog of irreality and life energy
Sets it apart.


  1. Man you can write!!! a magenta smog stitched throughout with golden lightspeed and breaths of green smoke like dragons... that's a visual...always enjoy your work...ONE::

  2. Thanks! Your praise is so encouraging :D