Monday, July 19, 2010

A Far-Off Smile

Re-defined, unlocked, remembered,
Two decades ago is returning tonight.
Havoc, amok, revenge unhindered.
Patience, in the final round, won the fight.

Tracing paths through mercury hours...
Dark violet furrows in blue-veined white.
Through wax and wane it never sours;
We flew to the sun on a yellow kite.

A distant smile lingers, then lowers
Down from the corners of dizzying height,
The teeth, unbiting, fleetingly show us
A memory's brilliance the eyes could requite.

It drops to the floor like a knife from a hand.
Sculptures of eyes have no sense of sight,
And sculptures of tears fall hard on the sand
And flaunt a sad imitation, eerie, of light.


  1. wonderful vivid images created here, nice work

  2. The visuals you create take a couple of readings to truly absorb...and in absorption one will find the beauty of always you paint with such beautiful brushstrokes...respect. (^_^)