Saturday, December 4, 2010


Sleeping on the edge of

I don't know why it happens:
I sleep on the edge of my mattress.
I don't know why I'm leaving room.
If it were for someone else, then whom?
There is only me.

Slipping off the edge of

I don't see when it happens:
I fall from the edge of blackness.
I slip into dreams of falling.
I'm unclothed by something's calling.
Here I find my joy.

Sinking in the ether of

I don't know left from right here,
And up from down will never matter.
I am in a state of dream now.
Time is a cloud, but cars laugh so.
Serotonin is a drug.

Waking on the edge of

I don't whisper any truths;
I never tell secrets to my pillow.
Every cell defaults to black.
Now I can't call those images back.
The dream remains a dream.


  1. beautiful poem,
    it fits potluck week 13 theme of dreams...
    hope to see you in tonight.

    Happy Sunday!
    your poetry rocks.

  2. "I slip into dreams of falling" Those dreams always wake my up with a thrill. I really feel like I am falling.

  3. love your version of falling from the bed half daze! very cute! mines here-

  4. You captured the dreamstate perfectly.

    My potluck: so maybe

  5. Abigail, if I have your permission, I'd like to hightlight your poem, "Ledges" as Poem of the Week at Jingle Poetry.

  6. beautiful words weaving in and out of a dream state, giving one the feeling of dreaming along with you. Well done!

  7. Talon, I would be so honored! Thank you :D

  8. Abigail, this is a beautiful poem. I love the image of slowly drifting into dream state and not telling your pillow any secrets. Love your word choices.

    ~ C