Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Down through the tunnel, twisting and flaring,
Lightwaves and darkwaves and losing your bearings:

That is the path to the end of the spiral.
The adventure is thrilling; the obsession is viral.

Down through the space-time continuum's question.
Out of the universe, into the next one:

That is the path to the new realm of sorrow.
Loneliness, memories, distrust of tomorrow.

Bad Black and Good White in their long laughing war
Give you the feeling you've been here before.

Monsters won't kill you, or maybe they will
It all depends on your level of skill.

There's always someone, out there in space,
Who hates, for some reason, the whole human race.

Hate and love, black and white,
The fifth of all nature continues the fight.

Planets collide and nebulas glow,
civilizations fall and grow,

Time ticks away, in a line or a ball,
Time ends someday.... Cracks open and all...

And over the vast reach of Every Existing Thing,
A Keymistress watches and jangles her ring.

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