Monday, June 21, 2010


Sometimes she tiptoes and dances
Lightly down the garden path at dawn.

And blows kisses to birds as she glances
Upward into the sweetly brightening sky

That unfolds like peach silk curtains
For the soft-hearted sun to waken by.

Sometimes she smiles imperceptibly
At the corners of her rose-colored lips

When white rose petals detach ceremonially
And in faith surrender to gravity's call.

Sometimes she hovers over ivory keys
Like a gypsy pensive before her crystal ball.

And the future is music, the kind that frees
The soul from the body like the leaves that fall.

Sometimes monsters wear masks.
A heart divided can only beat against itself.


  1. ...A heart divided can only beat against itself...

    ...I dig this line...vivid piece.

  2. That was the first line I thought of, and I made the whole poem with that thought in mind: of a woman who wasn't true to her real nature.
    I'm glad you liked it and thanks for commenting!